Chesterfield Kids Academy

Child care Chesterfield, MO


Chesterfield day care center

Chesterfield Kids Academy is independently owned and operated by a mother-daughter team with over 40 years’ combined experience in early childhood, elementary, and higher education. We are committed to providing high quality education: rooted in American and European educational traditions, our programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of the families we serve. Our academy finds firm foundation in a loving, nurturing, and safe atmosphere where young children can acquire and practice vital skills in a formal school environment.

Our commitment to the families we serve is evident in our unique approach to education: our curriculum is designed to develop a lifelong love of, and positive attitude toward, learning. We achieve this by providing tools and resources for our students to explore and discover the world around them while having fun. The dedicated staff at CKA is trained to support children in their natural curiosity and desire to learn by creating a school environment unlike any other around.

Our state-of-the-art facilities have been carefully planned with children’s comfort and interests in mind: floor plans are free flowing, hand-painted murals offer an inviting backdrop, and our school’s many windows provide abundant natural light. Our spacious and cheerful classrooms are equipped to accommodate developing creativity through puppet shows, reading, computer education, and cooking. The outdoor play areas are bordered with secure fencing to help your child feel at home. All year round, our students are able to express themselves in enrichment activities such as music, language, art, and weekly chess games.

On behalf of our staff and students, we would like to welcome you to the CKA family!