Spanish program

b-41-239229_630x298Chesterfield Kids Academy’s Spanish enrichment program offers your child the opportunity to develop a passion for language learning and linguistics while practicing in a socially stimulating atmosphere. Children will enjoy vocabulary and conversation exercises taught by a native speaker.
As a Romance language, Spanish can become a key to future language learning and proficiency in English; because many English words are of Latin origin, beginning learners will feel confident ‘already knowing’ cognates. Because Spanish pronunciation is phonetic and has similar Indo-European grammatical rules, the transition from learner to speaker is made easier for native English speakers who learn Spanish. While learning the ways in which these two languages are different, however, students will form an acute awareness of English structure, rules, and patterns, strengthening oral and written communication abilities.
A portion of this program will be dedicated to understanding and appreciating Hispanic cultural traditions and artistic uses (e.g. literature and music) ensuring students have fun while being challenged in language development. The staff at CKA will serve as a support system during language learning endeavors and encourage a globalized awareness of our world.