Our Programs

Chesterfield Kids Academy offers a variety of programs for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years: full- and half-day preschool, before- and after-school care, drop-in care, summer camps, and more.

Elementary age children listening to female teacher in school classroom.
Elementary age children listening to female teacher in school classroom.

Our curriculum is developed in cooperation with our teachers, allowing them to weave themes into tangible activities throughout the day. Teachers facilitate and encourage discovery and learning at all ability levels through hands-on learning activities. Children explore music and movement, math, science, art, language, literacy (reading and computer applications), all while growing their imagination through dramatic play.

Students are empowered by our staff’s child-centered, American and European teaching methods. Likewise, our caregivers build strong partnerships with parents to maintain continuity in day care and home care practices: support of parenting roles is demonstrated through the sharing of information concerning your child’s needs and strengths. All classroom modules and freeplay resources are designed to meet the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of young children and present each child with the opportunity to realize his or her full potential at each stage of growth.
While at Chesterfield Kids Academy, your child can expect to be introduced to the following standards of development:


  • develops fine and gross motor skills
  • recognizes the value of physical movement, proper hygiene and health habits, and safety concepts


  • develops communication skills through oral language activities and small group interactions
  • develops aesthetic awareness and gains confidence in self-expression through music, dance, storytelling, construction, math, and other creative media
  • engages in self-directed and teacher-directed group activities

Emotional and social:

  • develops positive self-image by experiencing a high degree of success through developmentally appropriate activities
  • achieves self-control, self-direction, and independence
  • practices thoughtful and courteous behavior during daily interactions with peers, in groups, and with adults
  • develops respect for individual and cultural differences, and social roles in the classroom and community