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Chesterfield day care
Chesterfield day care

We believe in the promise of every child’s unique abilities. To foster development inclusive of all intelligences, we provide the opportunity to learn at a pace chosen by each student. Our Academy’s environment is safe, nurturing, and respectful, which dramatically increases its educational value.
Our philosophy is to positively assist each child in his or her creative approach to the learning process. This sensitivity is the beginning of a healthy relationship between our educational family and your child. He or she will desire to learn and explore, progressing in self-cultivation. Our staff appreciates its responsibility to help discover, develop, and encourage each child’s innate talents and gifts. An integral part of this learning process is support of diversity and tolerance.

Chesterfield Kids Academy provides an approach to education just as unique as your child: we believe firmly in the benefits of immersive language instruction which provides our students with strategies for holistic growth and development as global citizens. Immersion is successful because it teaches language through daily curriculum rather than partitioning language learning to one class.
The benefits of language immersion have been noted by renowned sources such as the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. We trust the research documented by institutions like these and have seen first-hand how language acquisition can instill confidence in a child and invigorate his or her capacity for advanced instruction.

Immersion programs like ours “are effective because they use second language acquisition as the vehicle for learning the general education curriculum. This makes the content of the course inherently more interesting for the student and maximizes the instructional time” (Abbot, Caccavale, & Stewart, 2007). Children’s natural curiosity makes them interested in learning language; immersion techniques keep them interested by catering to developmentally appropriate skills like listening, gesturing, and mimicking.

Researchers have noted drastic improvements in children’s intellectual and mental development, problem-solving abilities, and social skills with friends of other cultures as they become familiar with a second language. Being bilingual gives a head start to stretching creativity and building critical thinking experience. “Learning a second language can also improve a child’s understanding of his or her native language. As a child acquires language structures in the second language, he or she is continuously scaffolding, connecting, and comparing these new structures to what is already known” (Redbord and Sachetti, 2003). This practice allows for development of advanced progression in language including fluency and near-native pronunciation. These language skills provide substantial framework for a child’s education in other subject areas such as math, science, and history.

We trust that immersive language study can support your child’s passion for education and cross-cultural interactions. Our staff is qualified to meet the needs of an immersive environment.

For further information on language immersion, please see the list of resources below:
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