Art program

b-41-239229_630x298Practicing creative expression through art media is an important part of whole-child development. At Chesterfield Kids Academy, we believe art can be a form of communication and an outlet for a child’s emotions and imagination. Exploration through art also has cross-disciplinary applications for fine motor skills: when children exercise the ergonomics of holding a stylus like a paintbrush or pencil, this repetition can help enforce a proper grip that will transfer to legible and confident penmanship.
CKA’s art enrichment program will focus on painting and drawing individually and as a class for collective pieces. Children will gain an understanding of the beauty in different types of artistic expression while participating in hands-on experiences that affirm their self-esteems. Engagement in our art enrichment program will also encourage students to contribute to a greater social or community network of artists and creative pieces.

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